I write and perform music. I like doing it; if you were wondering why, that's the reason. I do original songs & covers, sample-based music & mashups, musical theatre, scores for animation and film.

My mashups have been featured on the AV Club & other sites

I'm available to do freelance scoring and stuff, so if you're looking for that look here.

Scoring & Instrumentals

Lyric Songs & Covers

Seinfeld: The Musical [With Lyrics]



Composed, recorded, and wrote lyrics for a fake Seinfeld Musical, including one full number and previews of two more.

Toxic (Cover)



A live cover of Britney Spears' "Toxic" in a coffee house style. If that's a thing.

Emma Watson



A song I wrote in high school about Emma Watson.

Benjamin Franklin



A hip-hop song about Benjamin Franklin I wrote in high school. This was, bafflingly, not for a school assignment.

Monkey In A Suit



A pop song about chemical love. I'm currently adapting this one into a musical.

You & You & Me



A polyamorist's love song.

Emmy's Birthday Gift



A song for a friend who doesn't like birthday pageantry or fuss.

Take A Bath In Cake



A birthday song for two friends at once.

Mashups & Sample-Based




A sketch.

La Alegría



A video breakdown of the samples used in a clip from my gapless mashup album, Double Dutch Part II.

Double Dutch: Part II



My first gapless mashup album. 30 minutes, over 100 artists. Make in the week after I graduated college. Download it!

Motown Scrap



I arranged this in a dream and woke up to find I hadn't done it, so I did it.

Behind the Scenes of a Mashup



I compose a mashup structured around triplet rhythms with commentary.

Lazy Royals



Enya vs. Lorde.

Merry X-Mash



A mashup of Christmas songs completed during one delirious all-nighter.

Little Snoop of Horrors



Snoop Dogg vs. Alan Menken.

Put It On



A light remix of a few Raymond Scott tracks.

Broken Operator



Part of an ongiong project called the "Broken Tuner Experiment." Sade in the left ear, Annie Lennox in the right.

Radioactive Zooster



An absurd mashup of Imagine Dragons with the score from Dreamworks' Madagascar.

Skeet Pie Honey Bunch



The Four Tops vs. Lil' John. Part of my first mashup album, Motown Romance, which was done in 2009.

I IV ii V iii vi ii V



An attempt to recreate the perceptual interference I experience when listening to music by combining many different songs with the same progression. There's an explanation on the page.

Blurred 'Laya



Jo Stafford vs. Robin Thicke. Pulled the former off an old vinyl I found on the street.




Part of a pretty weak old collection of Nickelodeon mashups. This is one of the few good ones.

Airplanes In The Middle


B.o.B. feat. Hayley Williams vs. They Might Be Giants/Malcolm In The Middle.

I Want You To Party & Bullshit



Another of the first mashups I ever did. The Jackson 5 vs. Notorious BIG. Back then, I used Audacity & had to count out the beats and do division.




Another decent one from Mixelodeon.