I'm selling some valentines!

- This year's crop on tumblr -

I've made several valentine series in the past and I'm pleased to finally be able to offer them in print form!

I went with a distributor that would allow you to buy them indivudually, which means it costs -me- a bit moreā€”so please buy them for every single person you've ever met.

Click through to see the full designs with the text and everything. These images are just previews. I'm not selling you postage stamp-sized valentines.

PS: Look for some more in the very near future. Keep checking in, or follow me on facebook, twitter, or tumblr! Or don't!

Portrait Valentines - Series III

Like someone's face? Give them someone else's face.

Comedian Valentines

Pretty straightforward, but I don't want to break the format and omit the description.

Dictator* Valentines

*Except Trotsky and Marx.

Portrait Valentines

Flattery is the sincerest form of flattery.

Love is the Most Powerful Drug of All

Besides drugs.

High School Lit Valentines

SparkNotes for love.

Portrait Valentines - Series II

I can't keep writing these descriptions. Just buy them.